Brands behind the ribbon

Our destinations are so much more than a logo; we are all about reimagining destinations where people choose to spend their time. Places that people enjoy visiting. Places where people come to escape, to relax and to get things done. We want to be known as better, easier and more enjoyable to visit, park, escape, relax, navigate, do business with, partner with and work at.

We are Vicinity

At the heart of who we are is our Purpose of enriching community experiences. It’s what unites us, and what drives us.
And when we talk community, we are talking about all our communities; our retailers, consumers, investors, partners and our people. All are important to us, and we value them greatly.

Reimagine what's possible

At Vicinity Centres, #weimagine possibilities that are truly endless.

Right this minute across the country, momentum is building as our people work together to reimagine destinations of the future.
It’s a big and exciting job and there’s a lot to do. This is just the beginning, so now is the time to join, be brave and Reimagine what’s possible.